Nucleic Acid Chemistry and DNA Structure

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What are nucleotides composed of?

Nitrogenous base, pentose sugar, and phosphate group

What are the two chemically distinct types of nucleic acids?

Ribonucleotide and deoxyribonucleotide

Which atoms of the sugar can phosphates be bonded to?

C3 or C5

What is the function of nucleic acids in living organisms?

Storage and expression of genetic information

Which type of nucleic acid is a polymer of ribonucleotide?


What are the components of a nucleotide?

Pentose sugar, nitrogenous base, phosphate group

What results from linking one of the sugars with a Purine or Pyrimidine base through an N-glycosidic linkage?


What is responsible for the negative charges associated with nucleotides?

The phosphate groups

What is the primary structure of DNA determined by?

Phosphodiester bonds

What is responsible for the double helix structure of DNA?

Hydrogen bonds between bases

Which nitrogenous base pairs with thymine in RNA?


In what manner are the chains in the double helix of DNA paired?


Which molecules exist as a single strand of nucleotides?


What is connected to the sugar by a low energy bond?

The ester bond

Learn about nucleic acid chemistry and DNA structure with Dr. Noha M. Abd El-Fadeal. This lecture covers the definition of nucleic acid, structure of nucleic acids, the difference between DNA and RNA, formation of DNA double helix, DNA packaging, and types of RNA.

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