Noah's Ark

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How many days and nights did the storm and flood last?

Six days and six nights

What happened when the seventh day dawned?

All of the above

What did Noah do when he saw the waste of water around him?

All of the above

How many cauldrons did Noah set up on their stands?

Seven and again seven

What did Noah do with the wood, cane, cedar, and myrtle?

He used them for the sacrifice

How many pairs of clean animals did Noah take into the ark?

Seven pairs

How long did the flood last?

Forty days

What happened to the ark during the flood?

It floated on the water's surface

What happened to all living creatures on the earth during the flood?

They were all killed

How long did the water cover the earth after the flood ended?

Seventy days

Who did God establish his covenant with after the flood?

Noah and his sons

What did God promise in his covenant after the flood?

To never cut off all flesh again

What did God set as a sign of the covenant between him and the earth?

A rainbow

Why did Enlil decide to exterminate mankind in the Flood Story?

Because mankind was too noisy

Who warned the protagonist of the Flood Story in a dream?


What did Ea advise the protagonist to do in the Flood Story?

Build a boat

What did the protagonist need to take into the boat in the Flood Story?

The seed of all living creatures

What is the main difference between the Flood Story and the story of Noah's Ark?

The involvement of gods and goddesses

Why is the Epic of Gilgamesh called an epic rather than a myth?

Because the main characters are human

What is the purpose of the covenant established by God after the flood?

To ensure the survival of all living creatures

Test your knowledge about the biblical story of Noah's Ark and the covenant between God and Noah. Explore the details of the flood and the animals that were saved on the ark.

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