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Who were the three sons of Noach?

Shem, Cham, and Yafet

What did G-d see about the earth?

G-d saw how corrupt the earth was

Why did G-d decide to put an end to the world?

The people were behaving immorally and unlawfully

How did Shem and his family leave the ark?

Through the merit of tzedaka (charity) that they did.

Who did Shem and his family perform tzedaka for while on the ark?

To the wild animals, the beasts, and the birds.

Who did G-d make a covenant with to enter the ark?

Noach, his sons, his wife, and his sons' wives.

How many of each animal did G-d instruct Noach to take into the ark?

Two of each, a male and a female.

How many generations were there between Adam and Noach?


How did G-d decide He was going to destroy the earth?

A flood

How is Noach described in the Torah?

A righteous man in his generation

Study Notes

The Sons of Noach

  • Noach had three sons: Shem, Ham, and Yefet.

G-d's Observation of the Earth

  • G-d saw that the earth was filled with violence and corruption.
  • G-d saw that the thoughts and feelings of humanity's heart were bad all the time.

The Reason for the Flood

  • G-d decided to put an end to the world because of the violence and corruption on the earth.
  • G-d regretted creating humanity and was saddened by their actions.

The Departure from the Ark

  • Shem and his family left the ark after the floodwaters had receded and the earth was dry.

Tzedaka on the Ark

  • Shem and his family performed tzedaka (charity) for the animals while on the ark.

The Covenant with Noach

  • G-d made a covenant with Noach to enter the ark and save himself and his family.

The Animals on the Ark

  • G-d instructed Noach to take two of each animal, male and female, onto the ark.
  • G-d also instructed Noach to take seven pairs of clean animals onto the ark.

The Generations between Adam and Noach

  • There were ten generations between Adam and Noach.

G-d's Decision to Destroy the Earth

  • G-d decided to destroy the earth after seeing the violence and corruption of humanity.

The Description of Noach

  • Noach is described in the Torah as a righteous and blameless man, who walked with G-d.

Test your knowledge of the story of Noah's Ark from the book of Genesis. Answer questions about Noah, his family, and the events leading up to the great flood.

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