Newborn Baby Characteristics

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What is the purpose of vernix caseosa during pregnancy?

To prevent bacterial infection inside the baby

Why is it important not to remove sebum secretion from a baby?

It is attached to the skin and removing it would peel off the scalp

Which type of birthmark is known for its reddish to purplish discoloration, resembling that of a port wine?

Nevus Flammeus/Port-Wine Stain

What causes NB Lesions/Mongolian Spots in infants?

Collections of pigment-producing cells in a deeper layer of the skin

Where are NB Lesions/Mongolian Spots usually found on infants at birth?

Lower back or buttocks

Why does lanugo begin to fall off before birth?

To allow for better temperature regulation after birth

Which skin condition can be mistaken as warts or other STDs?


At what age do Milia often disappear in children?

Within 2-4 weeks

Which skin condition is described as a keratin-filled cyst that can appear just under the epidermis or on the roof of the mouth?


In which skin condition does the area of skin affected grow in proportion to general growth?

Capillary Hemangiomas

What is a prime symptom of Erythema Toxicum Neonatorum?

Small rash of papules

Which skin condition may turn gray and fade completely between ages 5-10?

Hemangioma Simplex

Learn about physical traits and protective coverings of a newborn baby, such as lanugo, vernix caseosa, and sebum secretion.

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