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What is one of the errors that should be avoided in online communications?

Using confusing terms or phrases that could be misunderstood

What ethical principle is emphasized in the text?

Respecting diversity in viewpoints

What should you do if you wish to share material from another source online?

Gain permission from the original author or copyright holder

What concept does 'Remember the Human' relate to in the text?

Being respectful in communication with others

Why is it important to adhere to real-life standards online according to the text?

To maintain ethical behavior and follow societal laws

What is a consequence of copying someone else's work and passing it off as your own?

Damage to reputation and potential legal consequences

What does Netiquette stand for?

Network Etiquette

Which of the following is advised to avoid in online communication?

Using slang and acronyms

What is the term for typing an entire message in all capital letters?


How can emphasis be added effectively in typed messages?

Using bold or italic text

What is a best practice recommended before sending messages according to the text?

Proofreading the messages

Why is it important to avoid slang, acronyms, and text talk in online communication?

To communicate more effectively

What is the main objective of Republic Act No. 10175 Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012?

To address legal issues concerning online interactions

Which of the following best describes copyright infringement?

Unauthorized use of copyrighted material

What is the focus of 'Internet Addiction' as mentioned in the text?

Excessive use of the Internet

What is the primary concern of Republic Act No. 10173 Data Privacy Act of 2012?

Protecting individual personal information

'Plagiarism' refers to:

Unauthorized use of copyrighted material

'Hacking' is associated with:

Unauthorized access to computer systems

What do people generally not judge you based on?

Social media presence

What is 'flaming' in the context provided?

Expressing strongly held opinions without holding back emotions

What does the text suggest you do when encountering a 'flame war'?

Guide the discussion back to a more productive direction

What is a key principle regarding respecting others' privacy according to the text?

Respect others' privacy as you expect for yours

What is the advice given regarding having more power or knowledge than others?

Be humble and avoid taking advantage of anyone

In the context of Cybercrime, what is defined as a crime where a computer is used as a tool to commit an offense?


What is cyberbullying?

Sending intimidating or threatening messages through electronic communication to bully a person

What is the penalty for engaging in child pornography through a computer system?

Penalty of 12-20 years of imprisonment or reclusion temporal

What is cyber defamation according to the text?

Making unprivileged false statements of fact that harm someone's reputation

What does the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 (RA 10627) primarily address?


What constitutes cybersex according to Republic Act No. 9775?

Engaging in any sexual activity using a computer system for favor or consideration

What penalty is associated with cyber defamation?

6-12 years of imprisonment or prison mayor

This quiz tests your knowledge on netiquette, which refers to the expected manners and conduct in online communication. It covers the rules for proper behavior in cyberspace and the appropriate ways to communicate in the virtual world, including with instructors, classmates, and potential employers.

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