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What is the most common Greenhouse gas?

Carbon dioxide

Since 1990, what percentage has National Grid's greenhouse gas emissions reduced by?


By 2030 wind power is to supply how many Giga Watts of the UK's energy ?


According to the Climate Change Committee carbon budget, future energy demand is said to rise nearly 50% by What year?


What is the split of time spent on site and on training for substation apprentices in their first year?

30% site, 70% training

Study Notes

Net Zero Concept

  • Net zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gases produced and removed from the atmosphere.
  • Achieving net zero requires a combination of emission reduction and emission removal.

Greenhouse Gases

  • The most common greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • CO2 is released when fossil fuels are burnt.

Government's Plan

  • The Government aims to have all cars be zero emission by 2035.

Company's Interim Targets

  • Reduce emissions by 34% by 2026 and 50% by 2030 from a 2018/19 baseline.
  • Help markets transition to a Net Zero economy.
  • Reduce environmental impact.
  • Ensure reliable network operation under changing conditions.

Company's Achievements

  • Achieved a 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since 1990.
  • In the UK, achieved:
    • 55% reduction in line losses.
    • 31% reduction in SF6 emissions.
    • 58% reduction in gas compressor use.
    • 79% reduction in Vehicle emissions from company cars and fleet.

Historical Context

  • Britain underwent an industrial revolution in 1760, transitioning from human power to mechanical power with fossil fuels.

Test your knowledge about net zero, greenhouse gases, and emission reduction with this quiz. Learn about the concept of reaching a balance between the production and removal of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, for achieving net zero emissions.

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