Nervous System Organization and Functions

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What is the function of the myelin sheath in neural transmission?

Protects the axon and speeds up transmission of information

Define motor neurons and their role in the nervous system.

Communicate messages from the CNS to muscles for movement.

Explain the role of sensory neurons in the nervous system.

Carry stimuli from the outside world into the CNS.

What is the function of interneurons or relay neurons in the CNS?

Carry information between motor and sensory neurons.

Describe the process of neural transmission at a synapse.

Dendrites receive a message, transmit it via action potential, release neurotransmitters, which are absorbed by receptor sites on the post-synaptic neuron triggering a new action potential.

What is the role of the somatic division of the peripheral nervous system?

Voluntary control of skeletal muscle.

Explain the function of the motor division of the peripheral nervous system.

Motor neurons convey signals from the central nervous system to muscles, resulting in voluntary muscle contractions and movements.

Describe the structure of a neuron and the function of dendrites.

Dendrites receive messages from other cells. They are responsible for first receiving the message from other neurons and transmitting the message to the soma.

What is the function of the autonomic division of the peripheral nervous system?

Involuntary control of glands, and smooth and cardiac muscle.

Differentiate between the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of the autonomic nervous system.

Sympathetic is responsible for 'fight or flight' response, while parasympathetic is responsible for 'rest and digest' response.

Learn about the structural organization of the nervous system, including the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and peripheral nervous system. Explore the roles of functional divisions like somatic control and sensory input.

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