Neoclassical Period

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Which artistic styles were deemed irrelevant during the Neoclassical period?

Baroque and Rococo

What does the term 'Neoclassicism' mean?

New classicism

Which event significantly influenced Neoclassical artists' depiction of subjects?

French Revolution

What did the Age of Enlightenment contribute to Neoclassical art?

Rational thinking and high ideals

Which artist extensively studied classical Greek and Roman sculptures to inform his Neoclassical paintings?

Jacques-Louis David

Which characteristic was NOT associated with Neoclassical art?

Emotional drama

What is depicted in the painting 'The Death of Socrates' by Jacques-Louis David?

Socrates preparing to drink poison as punishment

Why did the Athenian government sentence Socrates to death?

For his teachings that were considered heretic

According to Jean-August-Dominique Ingres, what is the essence of a painting?


Which artist was a student of Jacques-Louis David and also became an influential Neoclassical artist?

Jean-August-Dominique Ingres

What does the painting 'Napoleon I on His Imperial Throne' by Jean-August-Dominique Ingres portray?

Napoleon Bonaparte dressed in his coronation clothes

What did David aim to portray through 'The Death of Socrates' regarding Socrates' demeanor?

Defiance and composure in the face of death

What deadly sleep did Psyche fall into after opening the vial from Hades?

Eternal slumber

What did Cupid do to revive Psyche from the deadly sleep?

Kissed her

In what posture is the emperor depicted in the described artwork?

Sitting on a throne

What architectural style influenced Neoclassical art in the Philippines?

Classical antiquity

Where can notable examples of Neoclassical art in the Philippines be observed?

Government buildings from the American colonial era

Explore the characteristics and significance of the Neoclassical Period in art, which emerged in response to the French Revolution. Discover how artists broke away from Baroque styles to create works that reflected a more rational and ordered world.

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