Nematode Infections: Ascaris lumbricoides and Intestinal Helminths

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What is the characteristic arrangement of somatic muscles in Trichuris trichiura?

Holomyrian type

What is the estimated number of eggs produced by a female Trichuris worm over its average lifespan of 2 years?

60 million

Which of the following is a common consequence of heavy Trichuris trichiura infections?

Bowel obstructions and intussusception

What is the approximate number of individuals infected with Ascaris lumbricoides worldwide?

1 billion

What is the primary method of transmission of Trichuris trichiura infections?

Contaminated soil and water

What is the function of the TT47 protein in Trichuris trichiura?

To embed into the intestinal wall

What is the type of muscle arrangement found in Ascaris lumbricoides?

Polymyarıan type

What is the primary function of the secretion produced by Ascaris lumbricoides, known as pepsin inhibitor 3 (PI-3)?

Protection from digestion

What is the approximate number of people affected by Trichuris trichiura infections worldwide?

1.2 billion

What is the duration of the hepato-tracheal migration of Ascaris lumbricoides larvae?

14 days

What is the estimated number of eggs produced by a female Ascaris lumbricoides per day?

200,000 eggs

What is the estimated duration for Ascaris lumbricoides eggs to develop into the infective stage in the soil?

2 to 3 weeks

What is the approximate global infection estimate of trichuriasis?

604 to 816 million

What is the recommended treatment for trichuriasis according to the World Health Organization?

Mebendazole 100 mg twice a day for 3 days

What is the consequence of heavy Trichuris infections on children's development?

Poor appetite, wasting, stunting, and reduced cognitive development

What is the diagnostic technique that shows higher sensitivity compared to Kato-Katz and other concentration techniques?

FLOTAC technique

What is the age group most frequently infected with trichuriasis?

Children aged 5 to 15

What is the recommended frequency of mass drug administration for trichuriasis in high-prevalence communities?

Twice a year

Learn about Nematode Infections, specifically Ascaris lumbricoides, a giant roundworm that affects 1 billion individuals worldwide, mainly in tropical regions. Understand the pathology, symptoms, and complications of this soil-transmitted helminth. Test your knowledge on the diseases of poverty and its impact on human health.

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