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What is the purpose of administering antibiotics like Ampicillin, Gentamycin, and Amikacin in cases of respiratory distress?

To treat bacterial infections

What is the significance of ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) in severe cases of tachypnea?

To provide oxygen support directly to the lungs

What can the presence of meconium-stained nails, skin, and umbilical cord indicate?

Possible meconium aspiration syndrome

In what scenario would a newborn baby require suctioning immediately after birth?

If meconium is present in the amniotic fluid

How does fetal distress contribute to the risk of meconium aspiration syndrome?

By reducing oxygen supply to the fetus

What is the main characteristic of neonatal sepsis?

Bacterial infection in the bloodstream

What is a common characteristic associated with a baby experiencing failure to thrive?

Lethargy with poor muscle tone

How does failure to thrive affect a baby's subcutaneous fat?

It causes a loss of subcutaneous fat

Which behavior is not typically associated with babies experiencing failure to thrive?

Reaching for toys eagerly

Why might a baby with advanced failure to thrive be near acidosis from starvation?

The nutritional status being extremely poor

What is a concerning sign regarding speech development in babies experiencing failure to thrive?

Markedly delayed or absent speech

Which of the following is not a common characteristic of a baby with failure to thrive?

Achievement of developmental milestones

What defines a high-risk newborn according to the text?

A newborn with a greater than average chance of morbidity or mortality due to conditions related to birth.

Why is screening pregnant women for risk factors important according to the text?

To predict any high-risk newborns accurately during pregnancy.

What is the significance of identifying high-risk newborns during pregnancy?

It allows for the prediction of morbidity or mortality in newborns.

Why is predicting high-risk newborns challenging according to the text?

Because not all high-risk cases can be predicted during pregnancy.

What is the main purpose of screening pregnant women for high-risk factors?

To identify infants who may need extra care at birth.

How does identifying high-risk newborns during pregnancy impact their postnatal care?

It allows for tailored care for those infants requiring extra attention.

What is the consequence of premature birth on retinal vascular maturation?

Normal growth is stopped

How does exposure to high oxygen concentrations affect retinal vascular development in premature infants?

Down regulates retinal endothelial growth factor

What is Hyperoxia vasocessation referring to in the context of premature infants?

Delayed growth of blood vessels

Which stage of retinopathy of prematurity is characterized by a widening demarcation line that thickens to form a ridge?

Stage 2

What happens in Stage 3 of retinopathy of prematurity?

Abnormal growth of blood vessels occurs

Why do babies in Stage 1 of retinopathy of prematurity usually not require treatment?

The condition doesn't progress at this stage

What is the definition of apnea in a term infant?

Pauses of less than 20 seconds accompanied by pallor, cyanosis, bradycardia, or hypotension

What distinguishes premature apnea from term infant apnea?

Presence of bradycardia, hypotension, cyanosis, and pallor in term infant apnea

Which of the following is NOT a cause of apnea in newborns?


What is a common treatment for apnea in newborns?

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy

Which symptom combination is indicative of apnea in newborns?

Apnea + color change + choking

Which factor characterizes premature infants' response to apnea?

Stress due to procedures or physical effort

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