Nature of Taxation

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What is the power by which the sovereign state raises revenue to defray necessary expenses of government?


According to the 'lifeblood theory', why is taxation considered crucial for the government?

No government can survive without it

What are the other two inherent powers of a sovereign state besides taxation?

Power of eminent domain and police power

What does the power of eminent domain refer to?

Power of the state to take private property for public use upon payment of just compensation

What does the power of taxation allow the government to do?

Impose taxes, charges, and fees from its taxpayers to support necessary expenses

What is the meaning of 'inherent' in relation to the power of taxation?

The power can be exercised by the state even if not provided in the constitution

What is the basis of the power of taxation?

The existence of a government is a necessity for public welfare.

How is the power of taxation described in terms of limitations?

Regarded as unlimited, plenary, comprehensive, and supreme.

What are the similarities between the power of taxation, eminent domain, and police power?

They are inherent in every government, exist independently of the constitution, and are legislative in nature.

What is the compensation in taxation vs. eminent domain?

In taxation, the compensation is the protection and benefits received from the government; in eminent domain, the compensation is payment received for the property taken.

How does taxation differ from police power in terms of purpose?

The purpose of taxation is to raise revenue, while the purpose of police power is to promote public welfare.

Who has the authority to exercise the power of taxation?

Only the government can exercise the power of taxation.

Learn about the power of taxation, which is essential for a sovereign state to raise revenue for government expenses. Explore how taxation is considered as the lifeblood of the government and is one of the inherent powers of a sovereign state.

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