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Natural Resources Quiz

Test your knowledge on natural resources and their importance in sustaining life on Earth. This quiz covers various aspects including plant and animal resources, non-living resources like air, water, and soil, and where we obtain these resources from. Expand your understanding of the essential elements that make our planet thrive.

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Which of the following is NOT considered a natural resource?


Which of the following is a non-living natural resource?


What are some uses of rocks and soil?

Constructing houses

What are some uses of metals?

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What are some uses of fuels?

<p>Cooking</p> Signup and view all the answers

Study Notes

Natural Resources

  • Money is NOT considered a natural resource.

Types of Natural Resources

  • Non-living natural resources include fuels, minerals, and rocks.

Uses of Rocks and Soil

  • Used in construction and building materials
  • Used in manufacturing cement and glass
  • Used in agriculture to support plant growth
  • Used in crafts and art

Uses of Metals

  • Used in manufacturing tools and machinery
  • Used in construction of buildings and infrastructure
  • Used in making jewelry and coins
  • Used in electrical wiring and circuits

Uses of Fuels

  • Used to generate electricity
  • Used in transportation (e.g., gasoline, diesel)
  • Used for heating and cooking
  • Used in manufacturing processes

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