Natural Law Theory and Euthanasia
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Natural Law Theory and Euthanasia

Explore the principles of Natural Law Theory, a religious ethical theory prioritizing reason in moral decision-making, and its relation to euthanasia, a modern practice involving the intentional ending of a person's life.

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What is the primary emphasis of Natural Law theory in relation to life?

Sanctity of life

What is the approach recommended to address the issue of euthanasia?

Situation ethics

What is the trend in modern western cultures with regards to euthanasia?

It is being widely adopted

What is the main reason why Natural Law theory is deemed unhelpful in addressing euthanasia?

<p>It places emphasis on the sanctity of life</p> Signup and view all the answers

What is the contrast between secularism and Natural Law theory in relation to life?

<p>Quality of life vs. sanctity of life</p> Signup and view all the answers

Study Notes

Natural Law Theory

  • A religious ethical theory that prioritizes reason in moral decision-making
  • Emphasizes the sanctity of life, arguing that only God should have the power to take away a life


  • A modern practice that involves ending a person's life, either passively (e.g. switching off life support) or actively (e.g. lethal injection)
  • Widely adopted in modern Western cultures, particularly as secularism increases in popularity
  • Focuses on the quality of life rather than the sanctity of life

Natural Law and Euthanasia

  • Natural Law theory is inadequate in addressing euthanasia, as it prioritizes the sanctity of life
  • Situation ethics is a more suitable approach to addressing euthanasia, as it considers the unique circumstances of each situation

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