Nationalism in India: Chapter 2 Class 10 NCRT Recap Quiz

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In which year did the satyagraha movement against the oppressive plantation system in Champaran, Bihar take place?


Where was the second satyagraha movement for relaxation of revenue organized?

Kedah, Gujarat

What act was passed in the imperial legislative council despite the united opposition of Indian members?

Prolet Act

When was the Khilafat committee formed to defend the temporal powers of the Khalifa?

March 1919

In what month and year was another satyagraha initiated against the Royalt Act?

April 1919

Study Notes

Nationalism in India

  • The Inland Immigration Act was passed in 1859, restricting plantation workers from leaving tea gardens without permission, which was rarely granted.

Mahatma Gandhi and Indian Freedom

  • In 1909, Mahatma Gandhi published a book called "Hind Swaraj", which stated that British rule in India was possible due to the cooperation of Indians.
  • Gandhi believed that if Indians refused to cooperate, India would achieve independence or "Swaraj".
  • Mahatma Gandhi returned to India from South Africa in January 1915.

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