National Parks Around the World

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What is the main purpose of national parks as described in the text?

To protect natural environments and enable conservation efforts

Which national park is mentioned as being in the Sahara Desert?

Tassili n'Ajjer National Park

How do visitors to national parks contribute to the economy of the wider region?

By paying entry fees and purchasing goods

Why are management policies necessary in national parks?

To maintain the environment and enable conservation

What is one of the key reasons parks are important according to the text?

To provide a safe haven for endangered species

Why are forested areas in national parks mentioned as beneficial in the text?

To absorb carbon dioxide

How does human activity impact national parks according to the text?

It must be controlled to avoid damage

What does the text imply about the relationship between people and national parks?

People must respect and preserve national parks

Why is it essential to ensure that water sources in national parks are not altered?

To protect the wildlife and geology of the park

What is an unintended consequence of redirecting water sources in national parks?

Negative impact on wildlife and geology

Explore the variety of national parks around the world with this quiz. Learn about the different sizes, locations, and unique features of national parks on every continent.

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