NASA's Space Technology on Earth

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What is the primary focus of NASA's studies?

The Earth, Sun, solar system, and beyond

What is the term used to describe products that apply NASA technology originally developed for space exploration?


What was the original purpose of NASA's silver ion technology in the 1960's?

To clean and soften water for astronauts

What benefit do water filtration systems inspired by NASA technology provide?

Purify and soften water to be gentler on skin and remove foul tastes and odors

What is the primary source of power expected for future Mars missions?

Solar panels

Why did NASA investigate the use of wind turbines for Mars missions?

To provide power during times when the Sun isn't shining

What was the original purpose of the extra tough wind turbines designed by NASA?

To withstand extreme weather on Mars

What is a common use of the fire-resistant fabric developed by NASA?

In firefighters' protective gear

What was the original purpose of the lightweight, sturdy breathing system developed by NASA?

For astronauts

What is a common use of the image sensor developed by NASA?

In digital cameras

What is the purpose of the NASA-designed filter used in snow goggles?

To block blue light

Why is it difficult for skiers to distinguish colors on the slopes?

Due to the blue light waves in sunlight

Explore how NASA's space technology has improved life on Earth. From thousands of spinoffs to innovative products, learn about the benefits of NASA's space program on our daily lives.

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