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What was written on the small piece of paper on the principal's desk?

English Essay Prize Examination: History is a String of Biographies

What did the protagonist regret not doing while the principal was out of the study?

Telling the principal about the English Essay Prize incident

What was the topic of the English Essay Prize Examination?

History is a String of Biographies

Why does the protagonist mention being a 'moral person'?

To highlight the internal struggle and guilt for yielding to temptation

Why did the protagonist feel guilty about reading the paper on the principal's desk?

It was a secret topic for the English Essay Prize not yet revealed to candidates

What advantage did the protagonist have during the examination?

Knowing the essay title in advance

Why did the protagonist withdraw their name from the English Essay Prize?

They accidentally saw the title and felt guilty

Why does the protagonist mention the feeling of guilt and the memory being fresh?

To highlight the impact of guilt on memory

What was the protagonist's primary need for the English Essay Prize?

It was necessary for their school career

What does the protagonist suggest about their motivation for keeping silent?

There was more to it than just guilt and fear of admitting to prowling around the desk

Test your deduction skills with this intriguing quiz about a mysterious incident involving an English Essay Prize and a secretive confession. Uncover the details and make your best guess at the outcome of this compelling story.

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