Museum Work and Collections in Museology

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What are the main elements upon which the work of museums is built?

Objects, human element, and collections

Despite its classical origin, what evidence does not support the development of the museum as it is known today?

The word museum

In the Greek and Roman empires, what was housed in temples, sometimes in specially built treasuries?

Votive offerings

What closely resembles the concept of a museum from the Ancient times?

Greek Pinacotheca on the Acropolis at Athens

What did the collections undertaken worldwide by groups and individuals include?

Items with religious, magical, economic, or historical value, and curiosities

What was normally open to the public in the Greek and Roman empires?

Votive offerings housed in treasuries

What was the first corporate body to receive a private collection and make it publicly available?

University of Oxford

Who made the gift that led to the establishment of the Ashmolean Museum?

Elias Ashmole

When was the British Museum in London opened?


Who exhibited a selection of paintings at the Luxembourg Palace in 1750?

Louis XV

Which collection mainly consisted of manuscripts and is now housed in a separate building known as the British Library?

Cotton and Harley collections

On what condition did Elias Ashmole make the gift to the University of Oxford?

A place must be built to house the collection

What led to arrangements for more of the royal collection to be displayed for the public in the Grande Galerie of the Louvre palace?

Public pressure in France

In what century did the Shang Dynasty rule China?

16th-11th century BCE

What was one significant purpose that brought a different meaning to collecting over time?

A developing spirit of inquiry

In what year was public access to the British Museum free of charge from the outset?


Learn about the evolution and functions of museums, including their materiality, collections, and the human element in museum work. Explore the fundamental elements upon which museums operate and the role of staff within the museum.

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