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Which type of muscle tissue is responsible for keeping the heart beating?

Cardiac muscle

What are the two main players in muscle contraction?

Actin and myosin

What are muscle cells also called?

Muscle fibers

What is the term used to describe the ability of cardiac muscle to react to signals?


Which type of muscle tissue has the ability to stretch when needed?

All types of muscle tissue

Which trait describes the ability of cardiac muscle to get shorter when it's told?


Which trait allows cardiac muscle to stretch when needed?


Which type of muscle tissue is known for its large, powerful cells?

Skeletal muscle

What is the function of mitochondria in muscle cells?

To provide energy

What is the role of nuclei in muscle cells?

To control muscle movement

Which type of tissue keeps all the muscle cells together?

Connective tissue

What is the name of the storage room that holds important substances for muscle work such as calcium ions?

Sarcoplasmic reticulum

Which layer of muscle tissue is responsible for holding the muscle fibers together, similar to a plastic bag holding straws together?


What is the outer layer, in skeletal muscle, that wraps around the entire muscle, providing strength and protection?


Which type of muscle helps you move your bones, skin, and create facial expressions?

Skeletal muscle

What are the tiny units inside the muscle cell that are lined up end to end?


Which type of tissue connects muscles to bones or other muscles?


What is the function of aponeuroses in the body?

To hold muscles in the right position

How can tendons be described?

Strong, fibrous bands that attach muscles to bones

Which type of muscle tissue is found in the walls of organs and hollow structures?

Smooth muscle

What shape are smooth muscle cells?


Which type of muscle tissue works automatically, without conscious control?

Both B and D

What is the appearance of smooth muscle cells?

Smooth and even

How many control centers does each smooth muscle cell have?


Where is smooth muscle found in the body?

All over the body

What are the tiny units inside smooth muscle cells that help them contract?

Actin and Myosin

Where are multiunit smooth muscles primarily found in the body?

Blood vessels

Which type of smooth muscle requires instructions from the autonomic nervous system?

Multiunit Smooth Muscle

Which type of muscle tissue is found covering the walls of hollow organs?

Visceral smooth muscle

What happens to smooth muscle when it is stretched?

It contracts

Which type of muscle tissue is exclusively found in the heart?

Cardiac muscle

What is the shape of cardiac muscle cells?

Small and branching

How many control centers (nuclei) does each cardiac muscle cell have?


Cardiac muscle has a striped appearance: True or False?


What is the role of intercalated disks in cardiac muscle cells?

To connect heart muscle cells and ensure they work together

Which type of muscle tissue doesn't need outside signals to start contracting?

Cardiac muscle

What is the pattern of contractions in cardiac muscle?

Rapid and wavelike

Which two systems innervate (connect) the cardiac muscle?

Sympathetic and parasympathetic

Which system speeds up the cardiac muscle?


Which term is used to describe the tiny structures inside a muscle cell that act as the inner framework?


What shape are muscle cells?


What is the function of the nuclei in a muscle cell?

Control centers

Which type of myofilaments are responsible for contractions in sarcomeres?

Both thick myosin and thin actin

What are the visible bands in sarcomeres called?

A band, I band, and Z line

What is the function of Z lines in muscles?

To help muscles work smoothly

What happens to the A band when you flex your muscles?

It gets shorter

Which part of the sarcomere contains actin but no myosin?

The I band

What happens to the I band when your muscles contract?

It gets shorter

Study Notes

Cardiac Muscle Striped (striated) Appearance: When you look closely, you can see stripes in this muscle.

Test your knowledge on muscle tissue and its various types! Learn about the three types of muscle tissue - skeletal, smooth, and cardiac - and discover the role of microfilaments, actin, and myosin in muscle contraction. Challenge yourself with this informative quiz on muscle tissue!

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