MRI Field Homogeneity

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What is the ideal scenario for the main magnetic field (B0) across the imaging volume?

Having the same strength and direction at all points

What can field inhomogeneities cause in MRI images?

Distortions, artifacts, and signal loss

Why is field homogeneity crucial in spectroscopic MRI (MRS)?

For accurate measurement and quantification of metabolite concentrations

What is the process of adjusting the magnetic field to improve homogeneity?


What can variations in magnetic field strength lead to in MRI images?

Geometric distortions and image warping

What can field inhomogeneities result in?

Signal loss or signal pile-up, reducing image contrast and diagnostic utility

What is the primary function of shim coils in MRI systems?

To produce a homo field

What type of shim coils compensate for linear field gradients along the x, y, and z axes?

First-Order Shim Coils

What is the purpose of shim coils in maintaining field homogeneity during MRI image acquisition?

To compensate for field inhomogeneities

What is the advantage of dynamic shim coils over other types of shim coils?

They can be adjusted in real-time during image acquisition

What is the result of inadequate shim coil compensation in MRI image acquisition?

Spatial distortions and signal loss

What is the location of shim coils in an MRI system?

Inside the aperture

What is the primary reason for optimizing shim settings in MRI systems?

To improve field homogeneity

In functional MRI studies, why is field homogeneity crucial?

To increase the sensitivity of BOLD signal detection

What is the main advantage of active shimming in MRI?

It generates additional magnetic fields to correct field distortions

Which of the following techniques is used to adjust the magnetic field gradients to compensate for field variations?

Gradient shimming

What is the primary consequence of inaccurate field mapping in quantitative MRI?

Errors in parameter estimation and misinterpretation of tissue properties

What is the purpose of dynamic shimming in MRI?

To continuously adjust shim settings during image acquisition

Test your understanding of magnetic field homogeneity in MRI systems, a crucial aspect of image quality and diagnostic accuracy. Learn about the ideal scenario and factors that affect field homogeneity. Improve your knowledge of MRI system performance!

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