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What is necessary for the nervous system to control movement?

Integration of multimodal sensory information

How many motor neurons control the contraction of ~600 muscles in humans?


What is motor control?

Regulation of movements in organisms with a nervous system

What do some researchers argue is the reason for the existence of brains?

Motor control

What are a single motor neuron and the muscle fibers it innervates called?

Motor unit

What is the range of wavelengths to which a typical human eye will respond?

380–750 nanometers

Which term is used for colors containing only one wavelength?

Pure colors

What phenomenon causes the midday sky to appear blue?

Blue light scattering more in clean air

What is the approximate frequency range corresponding to the visible spectrum?

400–790 terahertz

Which parts of the electromagnetic spectrum are sometimes included in the optical spectrum?

Ultraviolet and infrared

Test your knowledge of motor control with this quiz! Explore conscious and subconscious movements, muscle memory, reflexes, and sensory integration in the nervous system. See how well you understand the regulation of movements in organisms with this quiz.

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