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The speed of vehicle is calculated using the formula ______

total distance covered upon total time taken

An object moving with constant speed is called ______

uniform motion

A simple pendulum consists of a small metallic ball or a piece of ______


The time taken to complete one oscillation is called ______


The two and fro motion of a simple pendulum is called ______ motion


Study Notes

Speed of a Vehicle

  • Speed of a vehicle is calculated by dividing the total distance covered by the total time taken, assuming constant speed.

Types of Motion

  • Uniform Motion: When an object moves in a straight line with constant speed.
  • Non-Uniform Motion: When an object moves on a straight line, but its motion changes constantly.

Periodic Motion

  • Simple Pendulum: A type of periodic motion that consists of a small metallic ball or a stone suspended from a string.
  • Bob: The metal ball or stone at the end of the pendulum.
  • True Motion: The to-and-fro motion of a simple pendulum.
  • One Oscillation: When the pendulum moves from one position to another and back to its initial position.
  • Complete Oscillation: When the pendulum completes one full cycle of motion.
  • Time Period: The time taken to complete one oscillation.


  • Day: The time taken between one sunrise and the next.

Test your understanding of motion and speed with this quiz. Explore concepts such as uniform and non-uniform motion, calculate speed using distance and time, and identify the key terms related to motion.

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