Morphology of Microfilariae

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What is the typical length of a microfilaria?

250-300 µm

What is the primary mode of transmission of lymphatic filariasis?

Infected mosquito bites

In which part of the body do microfilariae circulate?


What is the periodicity of microfilariae in peripheral circulation?


Which species of mosquito is the primary vector of lymphatic filariasis in India?

Culex fatigans

What is the definitive host of lymphatic filariasis?


What is a common manifestation of filariasis?

All of the above

What is the characteristic of the fever in acute adenolymphangitis?

High and sudden in onset

What is the result of rupture of lymph varices?


What is the typical progression of lymphedema?

Starting around the ankle and spreading to the back of the foot and leg

What is the largest reported size of a hydrocele?

Over 100 kilograms

What is the delayed sequel to repeated lymphangitis, obstruction, and lymphedema?


What is the shape of the tail of the female Wuchereria Bancrofti worm?


In which region is Brugia malayi primarily distributed?

India and Far-East

Where do the adult worms of Lymphatic filariasis reside?

Lymphatic system

How do the female worms of Wuchereria Bancrofti produce microfilariae?

They release microfilariae directly into lymph

What is the characteristic of the microfilariae of Wuchereria Bancrofti in terms of their presence in the blood?

They are present in the blood only at night

What is the approximate lifespan of the adult Wuchereria Bancrofti worm?

10-15 years

This quiz covers the morphology and characteristics of microfilariae, including their size, movement, and circulation in the bloodstream. It also touches on their periodicity and relation to the night biting habit of vectors. Test your knowledge of these parasitic worms!

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