Module 23: The Age of Imperialism

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What is the term for the seizure of a country or territory by a stronger country?


Which event in 1898 led to the United States' acquisition of the Philippines and annexation of Hawaii?

The United States wins Spanish-American War

What stirred ambitions in many European nations, leading them to compete for new markets and resources?


What was a key term associated with the ignoring of claims of African ethnic groups by Europeans?

Social Darwinism

What major event in 1914 marked the point at which most of Africa was under European control?

World War I begins

What was the main impact of imperialism on Africa and Asia?

Establishment of colonies by Western countries

Which event marked the expansion of European empires into Muslim territories?

The Ottoman Empire's decline

What characterized the British imperialism in India?

Complete control over almost the whole subcontinent

How did imperialism impact African ethnic groups, kingdoms, and city-states?

It ignored their claims and led to establishment of colonies by Europeans

What was the overarching theme of Lesson 1: The Roots of Imperialism?

European establishment of colonies in Africa and Asia

Explore the impact of imperialism on shaping the modern world and learn about the colonization of Africa and Asia by Western countries. This module delves into the Spanish-American War, the influence of Doctor Livingstone, and the Ottoman Empire.

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