Modern Olympics and Financial Challenges

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How did Los Angeles address the financial challenges of hosting the 1984 Olympics?

By charging companies a fee to be official sponsors

What was one of the problems mentioned with the modern Olympics?

The high cost of operation

What impact did using existing buildings have on hosting the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles?

Reduced the need for accommodation for athletes

What solution did Los Angeles provide for companies who wanted to be associated with the 1984 Olympics?

Charging a fee for official sponsorship

Why is the high cost of operating the modern Olympics considered a problem?

It causes financial losses for the host city or country

What is Bali often referred to as?

The Island of the Gods

Where is Bali located geographically?

Between Java and Lombok

What is the capital of Bali?


Which religion is the majority in Bali?


What are some of the traditional ceremonies celebrated in Bali?

Ngaben and Nyepi

Explore the financial challenges faced by cities and countries hosting the modern Olympics, including the high cost of building facilities and housing athletes. Learn about strategies like sponsorship deals implemented by cities such as Los Angeles to mitigate these financial burdens.

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