Modern Art and Abstraction

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What is the primary goal of the artistic movement that seeks to eliminate unnecessary elements?

To focus on the essential elements of the artwork

What is the term used to describe the art of using discarded materials to create a unique artwork?

Found Objects

What is the characteristic of Large-Scale Art?

Creation of huge artworks for public view

What is the significance of the artist's locality in contemporary art?

It influences the material selection and art production

What is the medium in art production?

The material or substance used to create an artwork

Why do artists often use materials available to them in their locality?

Because they are easily available and accessible

What traditional medium did Maria Taniguchi use in her artwork Untitled (Mirrors)?

Acrylic on canvas

What art style did Felix Bacolor's Waiting (2012) showcase?


What type of art form did the Anonymous Animals in Mariyah Gallery in Dumaguete (2013) showcase?

Found objects

What art technique did Maria Taniguchi use in her artwork Untitled (Mirrors) instead of typical painting?

Diligent brushwork

What is a characteristic of Maria Taniguchi's artwork Untitled (Mirrors)?

Encourages meditations apart from viewing

What type of information was provided with the excavated animals in the Anonymous Animals in Mariyah Gallery in Dumaguete (2013)?

Scientific names and details

What is the main purpose of a technique in art?

To express an idea or feeling through the art

Which traditional technique involves folding paper to create a design?


What is the process of decorating bamboo for art purposes?

Cleaning and cutting, peeling, splitting, stripping or weaving

What is the term for a decorated bamboo arch used to welcome people in a town or village?


What is the origin of the Puni technique?


What is the purpose of incising, burning, carving, and dyeing in Bamboo Art?

To create more detailed designs

Test your knowledge of contemporary art and its styles. This quiz explores the works of Maria Taniguchi and Felix Bacolor, featuring their unique approaches to abstraction and large-scale art. From traditional mediums to modern simulations, see how well you understand these artists' visions.

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