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What did the village folk and Nitapkan College call the Kayong man?

The Prince of Panidshing

Who urgently needed to be rescued according to the passage?

Doctor Hatibanash

What was needed to be rushed to Chitolia?

Ban frim

Who called out for Remus to hurry up in the text?


Where were Doctor Hatibanash and his wife stranded?

In their hospital quarters

What type of boats were ready, each steered with long sheys?

Five rafts

Study Notes

The Rescue Efforts

  • Khagen is called the "Prince of Panidshing" by the village folk and Nitapkan College.
  • Khagen and his friends, including Remus, Dambary, Dhan, and Abbas, work together to rescue people stranded by the floodwaters.
  • They use five rafts, each steered with long poles, to reach the stranded villagers.
  • Khagen leads the rescue efforts, with his father's best boat at the front.
  • The rafts race towards Chitolia to rescue the trapped villagers.
  • Khagen and his friends are exhausted after evacuating the villagers to the high school building.
  • Khagen makes arrangements for food, water, and shelter for the rescued villagers.

The Rescue of Doctor Hatibanash and His Wife

  • Doctor Hatibanash and his wife are stranded in their hospital quarters.
  • Naren kal shouts to Khagen from across the stretch of water, asking for help.
  • Khagen responds and calls out to Dambaru to hop into the boat.
  • Khagen steers the boat towards the dispensary to rescue the doctor and his wife.

Test your comprehension skills with this quiz containing a mixture of different texts. Challenge yourself to quickly grasp the meaning and details of the various passages provided.

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