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What occurs during prometaphase of mitosis?

Microtubules attach to the chromosomes

Which phase of mitosis involves the appearance of classic chromosome structure?


What is the main outcome of mitosis?

Formation of two new individual cells

Which phase of the cell cycle involves the duplication of a cell's DNA?

S phase

What is the approximate frequency of cell duplication for many eukaryotic cells?

Every 24 hours

Study Notes

Mitosis Phases

  • During prometaphase, the nuclear envelope breaks down, and the chromosomes condense and become visible as separate structures.
  • The classic chromosome structure appears during prophase.

Cell Cycle and Mitosis

  • The main outcome of mitosis is the production of two daughter cells that are genetically identical to the parent cell.
  • The replication of a cell's DNA occurs during the S (synthesis) phase of the cell cycle.
  • Many eukaryotic cells duplicate approximately every 24 hours, meaning the frequency of cell duplication is roughly once a day.

Test your knowledge of the stages of mitosis with this quiz. From prophase to cytokinesis, see how well you understand the process of cell division and the events that take place in each stage.

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