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Which character is responsible for creating akumatized villains in Miraculous Ladybug?

Hawk Moth

Which akumatized villain has weather-controlling powers in Miraculous Ladybug?

Stormy Weather

Who is the first akumatized villain in Miraculous Ladybug?

The Bubbler

What is the name of the superhero alter ego of Marinette, the main character in Miraculous Ladybug?


In the movie Jurassic World, which dinosaur is genetically modified and portrayed as the antagonist?

Indominus Rex

Which dinosaur species is known for its appearance in the movie Jurassic Park III and is considered one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs?


Which dinosaur species is known for its intelligence, pack hunting behavior, and distinctive sickle-shaped claw on each hindfoot?


Which dinosaur species is known as the 'king of the dinosaurs' and is one of the most well-known prehistoric creatures?

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Test your knowledge of Miraculous Ladybug by answering questions about the first akumatized villain, the character responsible for creating akumatized villains, the superhero alter ego of Marinette, and a villain with weather-controlling powers.

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