Company CEO and Division Management Quiz
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Company CEO and Division Management Quiz

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Wat is de naam van de CEO van het bedrijf?

Petra Luchtenberg

Waarvan bestaat de productlijn van Parfum?

Acht merken

Wie leidt de onderzoeks- en ontwikkelingsafdeling?

Kees Eijzinga

Wat is de reden dat er budgetoverschrijdingen zijn in de productieafdeling?

<p>Zeepco heeft geen volledige controle over R&amp;D</p> Signup and view all the answers

Wat is de concerndirecteur aan het overwegen?

<p>Het verminderen van R&amp;D-uitgaven</p> Signup and view all the answers

Study Notes

  • Petra Luchtenberg is the current CEO of the company, which is active in the soap and perfume industry.
  • There are two divisions within the company: Zeepco produces cheaper products for the consumer market, and Parfum focuses on the luxury market.
  • The product line of Parfum includes eight brands, three of which are exclusive to the division.
  • Research and development is a key area of the company, and Kees Eijzinga leads four team leaders in this area.
  • There are budget overruns in the production department, which Kees attributes to the fact that Zeepco does not have full control over R&D for one of their customers.
  • The concerndirector is considering whether to cut back on research and development (R&D) because of budget constraints.
  • One problem is that employee sickness rates are high, and the trend is expected to continue.
  • The concerndirector is looking into the views of a colleague from the organization advices group of another accountant's office to see if that might be a good option.
  • Overall, the concerndirector is considering whether to reduce R&D spending.

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Test your knowledge on the current CEO, divisions, product lines, research and development, budget overruns, and employee sickness rates in a company within the soap and perfume industry.

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