Microscope Parts and Functions
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Microscope Parts and Functions

Test your knowledge of microscope parts and their functions with this quiz! Identify key components such as the body tube, arm, illuminator, stage, and slide holder, and understand their roles in microscopy.

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Where is the stage located in a microscope?

Where you place your slides

What is the function of the body tube in a microscope?

To hold the eyepiece and connect it to the objective lenses

What is the function of the stage control knobs in a microscope?

To move the slide

What is the function of the coarse adjustment in a microscope?

<p>It is used for the initial focus of the sample</p> Signup and view all the answers

Where is the condenser located in a microscope?

<p>Above the stage</p> Signup and view all the answers

What is the function of the base in a microscope?

<p>To support the microscope</p> Signup and view all the answers

What is the function of the nosepiece in a microscope?

<p>To hold multiple objective lenses</p> Signup and view all the answers

What is the function of oil immersion in microscopy?

<p>To increase contrast of the specimen</p> Signup and view all the answers

Study Notes

Microscope Definition

  • A microscope is an optical instrument used to produce highly magnified images to see objects that are too small to be seen by the naked eye.
  • The word "microscope" comes from the Greek words "Micro" meaning small and "Scope" meaning to look.

Types of Microscopes

  • There are two main types of microscopes currently used:
    • Light microscope: uses normal light rays and glass lenses.
    • Electron microscope: uses electronic rays and electromagnetic lenses.

Parts of the Compound Microscope

  • Body tube
  • Arm: used along with the base to carry the microscope.
  • Illuminator: a light source.
  • Illuminator control
  • Stage: where you place your slides.
  • Slide holder
  • Stage control knobs: used to move the slide.

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