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What is the function of the arm of a microscope?

Supports the body tube and used to carry the microscope.

Where is the stage of a microscope located?

The stage is the place where the object (specimen) is placed for viewing.

What is the purpose of the eyepiece (ocular lens) in a microscope?

The eyepiece magnifies the specimen for viewing.

How does the fine focus function in a microscope?

The fine focus raises and lowers the body tube to bring objects into focus.

What is the role of the nosepiece in a microscope?

The nosepiece holds the objective lenses apart.

What does the low power objective lens do in a microscope?

The low power objective lens magnifies the specimen at a lower power.

Where is the diaphragm located in a microscope and what is its function?

The diaphragm is located under the stage and it changes the amount of light reaching the objective lenses.

What is the base of a microscope and where is it typically located?

The base is the bottom part of the microscope, often shaped like a horseshoe, and it supports the entire instrument.

What type of microscope is the most common microscope used in microbiology?

Compound light microscope

In bright field microscopy, how is the field of view illuminated?


What type of microscopy allows the examination of live unstained organisms?

Phase-contrast microscopy

What type of microscope has a dark field of view and illuminates the organisms?

Dark field microscopy

What are the two types of electron microscopes mentioned in the text?

Transmission electron microscopes (TEM) and scanning electron microscopes (SEM)

What type of microscopy is used to observe the distribution of specific proteins in a cell?

Immunofluorescence microscopy

What type of microscope is used to observe dynamic processes over time?

Time lapse microscope

What is the function of the light source located beneath the stage and diaphragm in a microscope?

Sends light towards the hole in the stage

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