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What is expected of members in terms of their attendance at worship services?

Attend at least three times per month

What action will be taken if a Leadership Board member misses three meetings?

Their seat will be vacated and filled by a more active member

What is expected of Leadership Board members in terms of financial contribution?

To tithe or move towards a tithe

How are Leadership Board members encouraged to participate in discussions and decisions?

With vigor and passion

What is the expectation regarding Leadership Board members' support for board decisions?

To openly and publicly support decisions with a unified voice

What must Leadership Board members do before meetings to ensure active participation?

Thoroughly review meeting information and come fully prepared

What is the expectation regarding the use of cell phones during board meetings?

Silence cell phones and fully immerse in the meeting

How should Leadership Board members treat the time commitments of fellow members during meetings?

Respect their time and commitment by being punctual and focused

What is the primary responsibility of Leadership Board members towards the pastor and staff?

To encourage and support them privately and publicly

How should Leadership Board members approach conflicts and disagreements?

By maintaining missional focus and transparency

What action should Leadership Board members take when approached by someone regarding a disagreement?

Follow the steps outlined in Matthew 18 from the Bible

What is the role of the pastor in Leadership Board meetings as per the UM Discipline?

The pastor should be present in all meetings unless voluntarily absent

How should Leadership Board members handle conflicts within the church community?

By allowing others to hold them accountable and following Jesus' guidance in Matthew 18

What is the expected behavior of Leadership Board members concerning disagreements or conflicts?

To address matters with transparency and maintain missional focus

In what situations would a Leadership Board member volunteer to act as a witness according to the text?

When asked to participate in Matthew 18 process as a witness

What is emphasized regarding the integrity and authority of the pastor or Leadership Board in meetings?

To never support secret meetings that undermine integrity or authority

What is the main reporting hierarchy emphasized in the text?

Staff to Pastor

In what capacity does the Leadership Board act as a staffparish relations committee?

Maintaining confidentiality in personnel and clergy appointment matters

When may the Leadership Board move into executive session for some agenda items?

At their discretion for certain confidential matters

What is a key requirement for the Leadership Board as the congregation's trustees?

Maintaining confidentiality of certain legal information

How should Leadership Board members approach discussions about personnel (pastor or staff)?

Avoid any discussions about personnel at any level

What role does transparency play in the Leadership Board's decision-making process?

Encouraging transparency is part of the regular meetings

What is a fiduciary duty that Leadership Board members have according to the text?

Uphold integrity of relationships and support the mission, vision, and values of the congregation

What is a primary purpose of concluding regular meetings with a discussion of a communications plan of decisions?

To encourage transparency and congregational sharing

Which group do Leadership Board members represent at all times during their leadership terms?

The congregation and the Leadership Board

Study Notes

  • Leadership Board members at Metropolitan UMC are expected to model mature Christian discipleship by attending worship at least three times per month, tithing or moving towards a tithe, actively participating in ministry teams, being part of a discipleship development group, and openly sharing their faith with others.
  • Board members are required to support decisions made by the Leadership Board publicly and be present at all meetings unless ill or out of town, with virtual or call-in options available for those unable to attend in person.
  • Missing three meetings may result in a conversation with the Board chair about the member's continued involvement on the Board.
  • Members are expected to review meeting information in advance, be punctual, attentive during meetings without distractions, and offer private and public encouragement and support to the pastor, staff, and fellow Board members.
  • The Leadership Board operates with transparency, handles conflicts following the guidelines in Matthew 18, upholds confidentiality, follows the UM Discipline regarding the pastor's presence at meetings, and avoids undermining the pastor's authority.

Test your knowledge on the draft leadership covenant for Metropolitan UMC Unified Board members, focusing on expectations, responsibilities, and commitments outlined for leaders in the congregation.

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