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Match the following network topologies with their descriptions:

Bus topology = All devices are connected to a central cable, called a bus Ring topology = Each device is connected to two other devices, forming a ring Star topology = All devices are connected to a central hub or switch Mesh topology = Every device is connected to every other device

Match the following types of computer network with their descriptions:

Local area network = Network covering a small geographical area, such as a single building or campus Wide area network = Network covering a large geographical area, such as across cities or countries Personal area network = Network for connecting devices within the range of an individual person Metropolitan area network = Network covering a larger area than a local area network, but smaller than a wide area network

Match the following network types with their descriptions:

Storage area network = Dedicated network that provides access to consolidated, block-level data storage Virtual private network = Secure network connection that allows remote access to a private network Home area network = Network within a home that connects all digital devices Internetwork = Collection of individual networks connected by routers

Match the following network device with their descriptions:

Router = Device that forwards data packets between computer networks Switch = Device that connects devices together on a computer network Hub = Connects multiple wired devices together Access point = Enables devices to connect to a wireless network

Match the following terms with their definitions:

Computer network = Connection of two or more computers through a medium for exchanging information or data communication Network classification = Categorization of networks based on size and purpose Network size = Expressed in terms of the geographical area it covers Network purpose = Expresses the reason for the existence of the network

Test your knowledge on computer networking in the medical field with this quiz. Learn about the definition of computer networks and different types, including local area network, wide area network, personal area network, campus area network, and metropolitan area network. Ideal for students in the Faculty of Health Sciences pursuing a Bachelor of Medical Imaging.

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