Media Information Literacy: Communication and Media

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What is the main focus of technology literacy?

Creating content

Which competency is NOT associated with media and information literacy?


What are the fundamental abilities imparted by media and information literacy?


Which of the following is an example of technology literacy?

Participating in online discussions

What is an essential skill needed for engaging effectively with media and information systems?

Critical thinking

Which of the following is NOT an example of media and information literacy?

Watching TV passively

How can media and information literacy contribute to a democratic society?

Encouraging critical thinking

What is a key aspect of technology literacy concerning communication tools?

Engaging in video conferences

Why is creativity considered an important component of media and information literacy?

To encourage innovation and originality

Which of the following best represents the goal of media and information literacy?

Empower individuals to critically engage with media content

This quiz covers the basics of communication and media, focusing on elements of communication, media literacy, information literacy, and responsible use of media and information. Topics include how communication is influenced by media, the differences between Media Literacy, Information Literacy, and Technology Literacy, and more.

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