Mechanism of Action of Steroid Hormones

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What is the location of the receptors for steroid hormones?


How do steroid hormones initiate protein synthesis?

Forming hormone-receptor complexes that bind to mRNA

Which type of hormones combine with their specific receptors inside the nucleus?

Thyroid hormones

Which system involves the formation of hormone-receptor complexes that move to the nucleus?

Steroid hormones mechanism of action

What is the role of thyroid hormones when they bind to DNA in the nucleus?

Increase or decrease enzyme synthesis

How may hormone secretion be influenced by factors such as epinephrine?


What is the role of the cAMP system in the mechanism of action of protein and polypeptide hormones?

cAMP diffuses through the cell and affects the transport system or enzyme activity.

What is the role of the calcium-calmodulin system in the mechanism of action of protein and polypeptide hormones?

Calcium-calmodulin complex increases or decreases various enzyme activities inside the cell.

What is the role of the membrane phospholipids system in the mechanism of action of protein and polypeptide hormones?

Membrane phospholipids are broken down into diacylglycerol (DAG) and inositol triphosphate (IP3), which act as second messengers.

How do steroid hormones differ in their mechanism of action compared to protein and polypeptide hormones?

Steroid hormones directly activate or inactivate enzymes, while protein and polypeptide hormones use second messengers to affect enzyme activity.

Which of the following is a key difference between the mechanism of action of steroid hormones and protein/polypeptide hormones?

Steroid hormones directly affect enzyme activity, while protein/polypeptide hormones use second messengers.

Which of the following is a common feature of the second messenger systems used by protein and polypeptide hormones?

They all involve the generation of small molecules that can diffuse within the cell and regulate various cellular processes.

What is the end result of a hormone's action on its target cells?

Change in the rate of performing specific activities

Which type of hormones are derived from cholesterol?

Steroid hormones

Which system involves the activation of cAMP as a second messenger?

cAMP system

What is the main function of steroid hormones in the body?

Directly entering target cells to affect gene expression

Which type of hormones act by binding to intracellular receptors and directly influencing gene expression?

Steroid hormones

In which mechanism of action do hormones utilize calcium-calmodulin complex to exert their effects?

Calcium-calmodulin system

Learn about the mechanism of action of steroid hormones, including their ability to pass through cell membranes, form hormone-receptor complexes, and influence gene transcription. Understand how steroid hormones interact with DNA to produce specific mRNA.

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