Measuring NORM in Solid Samples Procedure
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Measuring NORM in Solid Samples Procedure

Learn about the procedure for measuring Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) in solid/sludge samples using a Mini Instruments series 900 Scintillation Monitor. The method involves identifying increased radioactivity levels, with samples showing readings above 5 counts/sec deemed to contain NORM.

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This procedure is applicable to all types of solid/sludge samples received by the laboratory, mostly pig debris , scale from tubulars and surface equipment.


The method describes the measuring of solid/sludge samples for NORM, using Mini Instruments series 900 Scintillation Monitor fitted with an A44 type probe. The instrument is an indicator of increased activity and cannot be used to give any quantitative indication of activity. The measurement records the activity in counts /sec, and any sample which shows a reading of 5 counts / sec above the background reading will be treated as containing NORM.


The main hazard involved in handling of NORM solids /scale is inhalation and ingestion. ( Refer to attached laboratory procedure for handling NORM)

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