MCE 101: Fundamentals of Mechatronics Engineering - Control Systems Module 1_2 Quiz

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Which term refers to the output of a control system?

Controlled variable

What is the manipulated variable in a control system?

The quantity or condition varied by the controller

In a control system, what is the role of the controller?

Apply the manipulated variable to correct deviations

What does 'plant' refer to in the context of control systems?

A mechanical device or system under control

Which term describes a series of controlled actions or movements directed toward a particular result?


What defines a process in the context of control systems?

A series of gradual changes leading toward a particular result

What is the purpose of a control system?

To obtain a desired output with desired performance given a specified input

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as an example of a control system?

Satellites orbiting Jupiter

In what aspect are human body systems similar to control systems?

Both consist of subsystems and processes

What is a characteristic of the controlled variable in a control system?

It is controlled by the system

Which term best describes the purpose of control systems?

Achieving desired output with specified input

What makes control systems an integral part of modern society?

Their use in self-guided vehicles and mobile robots

What is a control system described as in the text?

A set of components forming a desired configuration

What does feedback control refer to?

Reducing the difference between output and reference input

What are the two metrics used to judge a control system's performance?

Transient response and Steady State error

How are passenger comfort and patience dependent on the metrics in a lift or escalator system according to the text?

Comfort is sacrificed if response is too fast and patience is sacrificed if response is too slow

What factor can compromise the safety and convenience of passengers in a lift system, as mentioned in the text?

Steady State error

How many configurations of control systems are classified according to the text, and what are they?

Two: Open Loop Control System and Closed Loop Control System

Which control system compensates for disturbances by using feedback?

Closed Loop Control

What is a characteristic of Open Loop Control systems?

Cannot compensate for any disturbance at the controller end

Which type of control system is better in terms of noise sensitivity?

Closed Loop Control System

What does the input transducer do in a Closed Loop Control system?

Converts input form to output form

Which control system has a higher level of accuracy according to the text?

Closed Loop Control System

In a Closed Loop Control system, what does the actuating signal do?

Effects the difference between input and output systems

What type of control system has a linear output-input relationship?

Linear control system

In a time-variant control system, what characteristic varies with time?

System parameters

What distinguishes a continuous data control system from a discrete data control system?

Continuous data systems use variables known at discrete intervals.

Which type of control system has a predictable and repeatable response to input?

Deterministic control system

What is the defining feature of a time-invariant control system?

Characteristics of the system do not depend on time.

In a stochastic control system, what can be said about the response to input?

The response is random.

Study Notes

  • A control system consists of components assembled to achieve a desired output with specified performance based on a given input.
  • Feedback control aims to reduce the difference between the system output and a reference input, particularly in the presence of unpredictable disturbances.
  • The performance of a control system is assessed based on metrics like Transient response and Steady State error.
  • Control systems can be classified into Open Loop Control Systems (e.g., washing machine) and Closed Loop Control Systems (e.g., refrigerator).
  • Closed Loop Control Systems offer greater accuracy and noise sensitivity compared to Open Loop Control Systems.
  • Linear Control Systems have outputs that vary linearly with the input, while time-invariant control systems do not depend on time for their characteristics.
  • Discrete Data Systems involve variables known only at discrete time intervals, while Continuous Data Systems have variables that are a function of continuous time.
  • Control systems can be deterministic if the response to input is predictable and repeatable, or stochastic if it is not.

This quiz covers the introduction to control systems, components, types, classifications, and examples of control systems. It is a part of the Department of Mechatronics Engineering at the Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger State.

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