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Maya Art Styles and Artwork

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What material did the Maya use for their sculpture and architectural work?


Which subject was NOT commonly depicted in Maya statues?

Common people

How did the Maya depict the human form in their sculpture?

In a naturalistic fashion

What was a common subject in Maya sculpture that revolved around supernatural importance?


What kind of language did the Maya develop, which used symbols instead of words for writing?

Hieroglyphic language

How many different symbols and glyphs did the Maya hieroglyphic language use?


What method of writing did the Maya use that involved columns of glyphs read left to right, top to bottom?

Hieroglyphic cartouche

What are codices in the context of Maya culture?

Ancient manuscript texts in book form

What is a unique feature of the Maya written language?

Each glyph represents both a sound and an idea

How did the Maya create their codices for books?

Processing tree bark into pages

Which subject was commonly depicted in Maya sculpture alongside rulers?

Supernatural beings

What was the purpose of Maya codices containing records of numbers?

To predict lunar and solar eclipses

In Maya sculpture, what type of figures did they often give supernatural importance to?

Animal figures

What method did the Maya use to write their hieroglyphic language?

Glyphic cartouche with paired symbols

What material was often used by the Maya for their sculptures found in dry areas like tombs?


What type of writing surface did the Maya use for their codices?

"Amate" bark processed into pages

Explore the art styles and types of artwork created by the ancient Maya civilization, known for their stone sculptures, murals, paintings, and architectural marvels. Discover how Maya art was influenced by religious themes and practices.

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