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Who founded the Maurya Empire?

Chandragupta Maurya

Where was the capital city of the Maurya Empire located?


Who controlled the armed cities scattered outside the imperial centre of the Maurya Empire?

Military commanders

When did the Mauryan Empire dissolve?

185 BCE

Who assisted Chandragupta Maurya in raising an army to overthrow the Nanda Empire?


Who did the Mauryan Empire defeat during the Seleucid–Mauryan war, acquiring territory west of the Indus River?

Seleucus I

What was the estimated population of South Asia during the Mauryan period?

15-30 million

Which faith experienced expansion into Sri Lanka, northwest India, and Central Asia due to the sponsorship of Buddhist missionaries by Ashoka?


During the Mauryan period, what marked exceptional creativity in art, architecture, inscriptions, and produced texts?

Development of NBPW (Northern Black Polished Ware)

What is the national emblem of the Republic of India that originated from the Mauryan period?

Lion Capital of Ashoka at Sarnath

According to the Buddhist tradition, why were the ancestors of the Maurya kings known as 'Moriyas'?

'Moriyas' means 'peacocks' in Pali

Which text is considered as one of the primary sources of written records of Mauryan times?

The Arthashastra

What dynasty built a precursor of the Grand Trunk Road from Patliputra to Taxila?

Maurya dynasty

Test your knowledge about the Maurya Empire, an extensive Iron Age power in South Asia. Learn about its founding, extent, and centralization, as well as its capital city and governance. Challenge yourself with historical facts and achievements of this ancient empire.

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