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Math Homework Struggles

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How many examples does Raver's math teacher give in class?

One to three examples

How many questions does Raver get for homework in math?

60 questions

How long does Robin take to finish his homework?

Half an hour

What is the usual duration for a bigger task like a slideshow presentation for Robin?

A week

What does Nina mention about homework in the past?

It was more boring

What type of thinking does Nina mention homework allows students to practice?

Both logical and creative thinking

What does Raver think about the homework questions his math teacher assigns?

They are all more difficult than the examples shown in class

What does Robin usually have to do every day?

Two tasks that take half an hour

Study Notes

Homework Experiences in Different Countries

  • Raver, an 18-year-old student from Memorial Early College High School in Texas, US, receives a large amount of homework, including 60 questions to complete at home, which often deviate from the examples taught in class.
  • He finds that half of the problems are more difficult than the ones learned in class.

Homework in the US

  • Robin, a 17-year-old student from Greenville High School in Texas, US, typically finishes most of her homework in class, which consists of a one-page paper with 15 questions.
  • She has to submit her homework the next day and has around two tasks daily, taking about half an hour to complete.
  • For larger projects, such as a slideshow presentation, she has a week to complete it and often works with a classmate.

Homework in Poland

  • Nina, an 18-year-old student from Poland, finds that homework does not take too long to complete.
  • Her homework typically involves math problems, Polish writing, reading books, and English exercises.
  • Occasionally, she has to make a presentation for science classes, which can be time-consuming but provides opportunities for learning.
  • In the past, homework in Poland was more focused on rote learning, but it is slowly changing to incorporate more practical and creative thinking.

Students share their frustration with excessive and difficult math homework assignments that diverge from classroom examples.

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