Materials Testing and Stress-Strain Relationships Quiz

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What type of properties of a material do not require the material to be deformed in order to determine their value?

Physical properties

Which of the following is an example of a physical property of a material?

Coefficient of linear expansion

Engineering materials are used in construction to:

Withstand applied loading without failure

Which of the following is not an engineering material?


What is the main difference between physical and mechanical properties of materials?

Mechanical properties require deformation or destruction tests, while physical properties do not.

Which group of materials are mentioned as examples of engineering materials?

Metals only

What do mechanical properties of materials indicate?

Materials' reaction to forces applied

Test your knowledge on different types of material testing methods such as visual testing, penetrate testing, and radiographic testing. Also, explore stress-strain relationships related to tensile, compressive, and shear stresses in materials.

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