Mastering Audio Compression

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What are compressors and limiters used for in music production?

Compressors and limiters are used to reduce the span between the softest and loudest parts of an audio signal.

What is the purpose of using compressors properly in recordings?

Using compressors properly results in louder, more professional sounding recordings.

What is the threshold in audio compression?

The threshold is the level at which the compression effect is engaged.

What is the purpose of the release time in compression?

The release time is the time it takes for the signal to go from the compressed state back to the original non-compressed state.

What is the recommended release time for compressing low-frequency material such as electric bass and kick drums?

The release time should be set as short as possible, while avoiding the 'pumping' effect.

What does the ratio setting in compression indicate?

The ratio setting specifies the amount of compression applied to the signal, expressed in decibels.

What is the purpose of output gain in compression?

Output gain is used to 'make up' for the attenuation achieved by the compressor and increase the overall output level.

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