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Which part of the foot should the weight be on for the gallop?

Front heel

What is the opposing heel theory for the stance step in jab?

Front heel is down, back heel is up

What is the correct sequence for the heel touch walk?

Front and back heel advance simultaneously

Which move should the head be in line with the opposite knee?


What is the opposing heel theory for the step in jab?

Front heel is down while the back heel is up

What should be kept down for the cross to avoid confusion with an overhand punch?


What is the main problem in the stand still drill during the session?

Connecting the stepback with the L Step

What mistake was seen in the session for the 2 ducks and steps?

Striking the front heel on the second duck

What is the correct foot position for the 1-1-2?

Front heel up, back heel down

What happens if the 1-1-2 is done wrong?

It turns into a gazelle step

When should the steps for the 1-1-2 be taken?

On each jab

If one is in pawing range, which is the best decision to make?

Step in Jab, the pawing range implies that there's room to step in from and I won't smother myself

Why should the head be on the opposite knee after punching?

To maximize hip rotation

What's the best way to assure proper balance when throwing the 1-2?

Ensure that the back heel is up so it'll be easier to step out and do exit plans

When throwing the 1-1-2, how can u prevent the tiptoe when pivoting?

It all starts with the back heel. When the back heel is down, it's easier to go from 9 to 12 then back to 9

Test your knowledge of different footwork techniques with this quiz! Learn about the correct weight distribution and foot placement for the Heel Touch Gallop, Heel Touch Walk, and Stance Step In Jabs. Challenge yourself and improve your footwork skills with this interactive quiz.

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