Master the Classification of Living Organisms

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Which rank is just below domain in the taxonomic hierarchy?


How many kingdoms are traditionally used in some textbooks in the United States and Canada?


Which term is used for the life present in a particular region or time?


Which classification system has explicitly abandoned the term kingdom?

Modern cladistics

Which country uses a system of five kingdoms in textbooks?

United Kingdom

Which term refers to a machine that can be programmed to carry out arithmetic or logical operations automatically?


What enables computers to perform a wide range of tasks?

Operating system

Which devices are included in the category of industrial and consumer products that use computers as control systems?

Industrial robots and computer-aided design

What is a computer system?

Hardware, operating system, and peripheral equipment

What powers the Internet?

Personal computers and mobile devices

Test your knowledge of the classification of living organisms with this quiz! Explore the different kingdoms and phyla, and learn about the traditional six kingdom system. Discover the diverse world of biology and enhance your understanding of taxonomic ranks.

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