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What does '¡Lo siento!' mean in English?

I am sorry

Which phrase is used to say 'See you later / Until next time' in Spanish?

¡Hasta luego!

Which phrase is used to say 'Good morning' in Spanish?

¡Buenos días!

What does '¡De nada!' mean in English?

You're welcome / it's ok

What does '¡Encantado!' mean in English?

Nice to meet you

What does 'Muy bien' mean in English?

Very good / Very fine

What does 'No' mean in English?


Test your Spanish language skills with this quiz on basic greetings and expressions! From saying "hello" to expressing gratitude, learn how to communicate in Spanish with confidence. Challenge yourself to remember the correct phrases for different times of day and social situations. ¡Vamos! (Let's go!)

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