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What is the main reason for damages and shrinkage in the Accessories department?

Improper display of breakable merchandise

What is the easiest solution to control damages in the Accessories department?

Moving and placing the products in the department as soon as they are received from the warehouse

What are some ways in which the VM team can display breakable merchandise in different departments?

By following cross-merchandising and using T-bar and accessories hooks

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"Test Your Knowledge on Accessory Merchandising and Protection Strategies at Splash" - Are you familiar with the role of accessories in boosting sales and completing customer outfits at Splash? Do you know how to protect and display breakable merchandise in a way that minimizes damage and shrinkage? Take this quiz to test your knowledge on accessory merchandising and protection strategies at Splash, and learn some valuable tips along the way. Keywords: Splash, accessories, UPT, merchandising, protection, display

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