Martin Luther King Jr. and Civil Rights Movement in Montgomery

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What was the worst form of segregation experienced by the black community in Montgomery, Alabama?

Segregation on the city buses, where black passengers were treated inhumanely

What was the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) and Martin Luther King's role in it?

MIA was an organization advocating for racial equality, with Martin Luther King as its president

What percentage of black individuals used bus services in Montgomery during that time?


How were black passengers expected to behave regarding the seating arrangement on city buses?

They were not allowed to occupy the first seats reserved for white passengers

How did bus drivers treat black passengers on the city buses?

They humiliated and insulted them, even in front of their children

Test your knowledge on Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement in Montgomery, Alabama, as depicted in the prose piece 'Martin Luther King, Jr.' by Coretta S. King.

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