Marketing Functions: Research to Pricing

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What is the primary goal of market research and analysis?

To understand customer preferences and tailor products accordingly

Which of the following companies uses a wide distribution network to ensure product availability?

Chipiku Stores

What is the primary benefit of a customer-centric approach in marketing?

Tailored solutions and customer support services

Which industry is characterized by intense competition between commercial banks?


What is the primary goal of Puma Energy's loyalty program?

To foster long-term customer relationships and brand loyalty

What is the primary focus of supermarkets in terms of customer experience?

Personalized customer experiences and loyalty incentives

What is the primary objective of the Sales Orientation approach?

To convince customers to buy products

What is the main focus of the Production Orientation approach?

Production efficiency and cost reduction

What is the key characteristic of the Marketing Orientation approach?

Recognizing customer needs and wants as the driving force behind business success

What is one of the key developments in Modern Marketing?

Digital Marketing

What is the primary goal of Target Marketing?

To identify and target specific customer groups with tailored marketing efforts

What is the main purpose of Market Segmentation?

To divide markets into distinct groups based on demographics, needs, or behaviors

Test your knowledge of key marketing functions, including market research, product development, promotional strategies, distribution channels, and pricing strategies. Learn how companies apply these concepts to reach their target audience.

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