Maritime Supply Chain Actors

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Which type of shipping company provides regular transportation services between particular routes and ports according to pre-advertised sailing schedules and freight prices?

Liner shipping companies

What is the primary focus of container liners?

Container and break bulk transportation

What is tramp shipping also known as?

Spot market shipping

What type of cargo is generally transported by bulk carriers operating on the spot markets?

Dry bulk and wet bulk

What items are primarily transported by RoRo carriers?

Cars and trucks

What distinguishes liner shipping from bulk shipping in terms of sailing schedules?

Liner shipping operates on fixed routes and sailing schedules, while bulk shipping operates on the spot markets.

What is the primary focus of RoRo carriers?

Transportation of cars and trucks

What type of cargo is generally transported by bulk carriers operating on the spot markets?

Dry bulk (e.g., coal, grain)

What distinguishes break bulk from containerized cargo?

Break bulk is non-containerized general cargo, while containerized cargo is transported in standard size shipping containers.

What distinguishes specialized shipping from other categories in the shipping market?

Specialized shipping focuses on specific types of cargo such as cars, trucks, and non-containerized general cargo.

Recall the various actors involved in the maritime supply chain and their roles, including shipping companies, shippers, freight forwarders, liner agents, and more. Understand the divisions in the shipping market and the categories it encompasses.

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